Hidden Tracks


Beach House’s music always puts me in a mellow mood. This song was hidden in the last track of their album Bloom, and discovering it was one of those happy accidents that happen every once in a while at moments in which the mundane is keeping you busy with other things. I left the CD playing while cleaning around the house, forgot about it, and suddenly there it was. Many years later I listen to the song and it still takes me back to that moment. Now it is manifested in all its glory in their album B-Sides and Rarities. I still kind of wish they had kept it stowed away within “Irene”.

The kind you like

To come back in

Wherever you go

No hawk in sight

The sea will dry

The sun’s just set

The brightened lines

Stick by your side

Wherever you go

The kind you like

Have come back here

They told you so

Wherever you go

Nobody here is true

The light’s off

Wherever you go

Nobody here is true

The kind you like

No end in sight

The rest you know


Cupid’s Revenge – The Game

Feeling restless? Look no further. This game will keep your mind busy for days, weeks, months, or even years. You are in control, so you decide. It’s all up to you how long you play this out. 

Players: 2

The Rules:

Select your game pieces and place them on ‘Start’. You and your partner begin by rolling the dice. Follow the different paths that are outlined on the board, and keep rolling away to move along. The board is divided into three parts: Elation, Stagnation, and Resolution.  Each category will land you on certain forks in the path or designated spaces on which you will need to draw a card.


This part includes the Happy Cards. Pick a card, then roll the dice. 1-3 means you receive it and earn 5 points. 4-6 means you give it and also earn 5 points, because after all, sharing is caring. These include the following:

  • Date Night
  • Unexpected Gift
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • The Mix Tape or Dedicated Playlist
  • Keys to His/Her Place
  • Keys to His/Her Car
  • Your Own Drawer and/or Closet Space and Toothbrush

When you land on the next game spaces, these are the rules:

Meet Each Other’s Friends – Roll the dice. If you get between 1 and 3, congratulations! That means your significant other’s friends liked you! Remain playing in Elation and earn 10 points. If you get between 4 and 6, sorry! You know what that means. Move on to Stagnation. Lose 10 points.

Meet Each Other’s Family – Follow the same rules as in the Meeting Each Other’s Friends space. 1-3 means they loved you, 4-6 means they hated you.

You will lose a turn when you land on the following spaces:

  • “I’m Calling in Sick” (because you want to spend more time together)
  • Impromptu Getaway
  • “Friends? What Friends? I’d Rather Spend Time With You”

You can remain playing in Elation so long as you and your partner feel like you are still enjoying it and keep drawing Happy Cards.


This section of the game has the Boredom Cards. Draw them when you land on the designated spaces. Each one is worth 5 points. If you draw a card that you feel is not right for you, put it at the bottom of the stack and miss a turn.

  • “I Need a Break”
  • The Silent Treatment – Short Term
  • Free Pass
  • Experimentation (with each other)
  • Night Out With Friends
  • “Let’s Have a Baby!”

You can get out of Stagnation if your partner gets the same card and decides to use it as well. Otherwise, if the other player draws the same card you did before but decides to put it back in the stack, you will move your game piece to Resolution.


This section is divided into more diverging paths. This is where you will be able to pick from two card options: Revenge or Agreement.


  • The Silent Treatment – Long Term
  • One-Night Stand
  • Online Dating
  • Experimentation (on your own)
  • Ghosting
  • Gaslighting

Agreement Cards:

These are blank. You fill them out on your own and hope that the other player agrees with you if you want to keep playing.

Who Wins?

The winner is the person who does one of the following:

  • Draws the “Dodge a Bullet” card and uses it
  • Has the most points and decides to quit while they’re ahead

Both players will tie if they both compromise on what the other person wrote on their Agreement card. Move your game pieces back to Elation, and keep on playing.

Best of luck, enjoy!