From Girl and Balloon to Love is in the Bin – Banksy

A first: performance art in the middle of auction by an anonymous artist.


Painting Damnation: Celebrating 500 Years of Bosch –

Sebastian at the EPMA

The  Mexican artist Sebastian is currently exhibiting at the El Paso Museum of Art, and I had been planning to go see his work for some time. The museum was also promoting an event called Spark Discussions. This is a new initiative in which docents are available to provide information about the artwork in the various exhibits around the gallery the second Saturday of every month. This past weekend I paid a visit to check out both events.

Elizabeth Summer is one such docent, and she very kindly gave me a personal tour of the European Exhibit paintings. Although an art enthusiast, I am also a novice when it comes to art history, so having her there to explain the intricacies and details of  some of the paintings was very enlightening. Who knew that George Washington hated posing for portraits? Unfortunately, she was only available for half an hour because she had another tour; nevertheless, I really enjoyed the guided visit, and am looking forward to doing it again next month.

I did not know much about Sebastian – whose real name is Enrique Carbajal – other than he is an artist whose most prominent works include the sculpture Cabeza de Caballo, or “Caballito” in Mexico City, and of course the Monumento a la Mexicanidad in Juarez, most commonly known to many of us as “la X”. I soon learned, though, that he is not just a sculptor but uses other art forms as well. Displayed around the hall are various creations that range from replicas of his sculptures to drawings, architectural models, and even silver jewelry.


Although most of Sebastian’s work originates from scientific disciplines such as mathematical and geometrical compositions, he also displays sculptures that imitate organic constructions which happen in the natural world.