Manu Chao

La música se acopla a nuestras circunstancias actuales, y Manu Chao para mí ahora manifiesta tremendas verdades. La inspiración para un cuento me trajo a este disco y hoy me siento profundamente agradecida.




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My Own Little Private LA

I just had a long overdue dinner date with one of my best friends to catch up on many adventures and misadventures, when we stumbled upon the subject of life-altering events. A mutual acquaintance of ours had gone through a very traumatic experience from which she emerged with a strong sense of self and reinvention. I shared with my friend about how much I could relate to what our acquaintance was doing – a few years back, I also went through a very painful experience,  from which the only thing I could do to assimilate the grief was to make changes that I had been postponing for far too long – and how I felt that at present I was living what I felt was a more authentic life.

After dinner I got home and was overcome with a wave of nostalgia, so I decided to listen to some pop songs I remembered from my childhood. One of them was To Live and Die in LA, by Wang Chung. After the aforementioned conversation, the lyrics had a whole new meaning for me. Coincidence?





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Jangle All the Way: Her’s

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading are the two members of Her’s, a band from Liverpool who I am currently listening to over and over again, after accidentally encountering them on the internet. I love the way they combine a romantic guitar sound with a retro 80’s sensibility…

Fitzpatrick’s youthful appearance betrays a deep, stunning voice that he combines with high pitched choruses; Laading’s bass beats are just as prominent as Fitzpatrick’s guitar strumming.


A drum machine is all they need to perform their catchy songs. I love them.


They also seem to have a quirky sense of humor, from the looks of their Facebook page posts. I am definitely looking forward to them releasing a full length album. For now, they are delighting their listeners with a new single, Speed Racer.


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