Are writers crazy? — Cristian Mihai

Or artists in general? I’m sure this is not your usual Friday type of post, and I could easily answer with another question: who isn’t? And then I could go back to writing and stuff. Instead, I’m going to write an actual post. About crazy writers. And stuff. So here goes nothing.

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“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” vs. “Follow Your Dreams” — Dysfunctional Literacy

Originally posted on Dysfunctional Literacy: (image via Wikimedia) “Next month, I’m quitting my job and writing for a year,” a friend of mine said at a party. He’s not really a friend. He’s the husband of a coworker of my wife. I hardly know the guy, but I don’t have a lot of friends, so…

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Organizing Ideas the Carlin Way.

Now that they are part of comedy history, it can be hard to imagine George Carlin’s most famous routines as anything but finished products. Whether the infamous “Seven Words” from his album Class Clown (released exactly 45 years ago Friday) or the monologues from his hosting of the first-ever episode of Saturday Night Live (which…

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My review of Ghost World.


It’s been said of Picasso: “At the age of sixteen, he produced two paintings which were of academic perfection…. So what do you do with your life if you’re producing academically perfect works at the age of sixteen? Every step afterwards is an innovation.” Indeed, whether you like where Picasso went or not, it’s undeniable […]

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How the Drag Queen Cassandro Became a Star of Mexican Wrestling – The New Yorker


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