Scenes of Springtime and Sakura from Celia in Tokyo — Discover

Teacher and expat blogger Celia chases the cherry blossoms this spring in Tokyo.

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Are writers crazy? — Cristian Mihai

Or artists in general? I’m sure this is not your usual Friday type of post, and I could easily answer with another question: who isn’t? And then I could go back to writing and stuff. Instead, I’m going to write an actual post. About crazy writers. And stuff. So here goes nothing.

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“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” vs. “Follow Your Dreams” — Dysfunctional Literacy

Originally posted on Dysfunctional Literacy: (image via Wikimedia) “Next month, I’m quitting my job and writing for a year,” a friend of mine said at a party. He’s not really a friend. He’s the husband of a coworker of my wife. I hardly know the guy, but I don’t have a lot of friends, so…

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Organizing Ideas the Carlin Way.

Now that they are part of comedy history, it can be hard to imagine George Carlin’s most famous routines as anything but finished products. Whether the infamous “Seven Words” from his album Class Clown (released exactly 45 years ago Friday) or the monologues from his hosting of the first-ever episode of Saturday Night Live (which…

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Jangle All the Way: Her’s

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading are the two members of Her’s, a band from Liverpool who I am currently listening to over and over again, after accidentally encountering them on the internet. I love the way they combine a romantic guitar sound with a retro 80’s sensibility…

Fitzpatrick’s youthful appearance betrays a deep, stunning voice that he combines with high pitched choruses; Laading’s bass beats are just as prominent as Fitzpatrick’s guitar strumming.


A drum machine is all they need to perform their catchy songs. I love them.


They also seem to have a quirky sense of humor, from the looks of their Facebook page posts. I am definitely looking forward to them releasing a full length album. For now, they are delighting their listeners with a new single, Speed Racer.