Jangle All the Way: Her’s

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading are the two members of Her’s, a band from Liverpool who I am currently listening to over and over again, after accidentally encountering them on the internet. I love the way they combine a romantic guitar sound with a retro 80’s sensibility…

Fitzpatrick’s youthful appearance betrays a deep, stunning voice that he combines with high pitched choruses; Laading’s bass beats are just as prominent as Fitzpatrick’s guitar strumming.


A drum machine is all they need to perform their catchy songs. I love them.


They also seem to have a quirky sense of humor, from the looks of their Facebook page posts. I am definitely looking forward to them releasing a full length album. For now, they are delighting their listeners with a new single, Speed Racer.


Nobody Screams Like Vanessa Briscoe-Hay

Before R.E.M., there was a band that strongly influenced the music scene that was bursting out of Atlanta, Georgia. Pylon consisted of four members and their energetic sound is both dance friendly and punk rock worthy. Not to mention the singer: Vanessa Briscoe-Hay’s pipes are definitely worth at least one listen.